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Need Customer Testimonials for your business?


For customer testimonial brochures to be effective, it’s vital that they include enticing headlines and persuasive copy that grabs reader attention up front.

Customer testimonial brochures should be easy to read. They need to be compelling in style. Your readers or prospective clients should easily grasp the benefits your product or service offers.

One of the joys of my job as a writer is that each day is different. I may be asked to write a blog post for an interior decorator one day and on another, a feature article aimed at a newspaper. I could also be asked to write content for a company website or edit corporate content.

Much of my work involves communicating directly with clients over the telephone or face to face. Recently, Mark Spicer, a financial risk/insurance broker and partner at Axis Investment Centre, contacted me. He asked me to interview his clients and write up a series of customer testimonials for brochures he planned to produce. We met at his offices and he gave me a brief outline of what he wanted. He  clearly described each scenario and explained what he wanted to achieve.

I telephoned his clients and relayed their personal stories. In addition, I captured how Mark had assisted them to achieve a good outcome.

I engaged Lois to write some customer testimonials for a company brochure we planned to produce. After an initial face to face meeting, I gave her a list of clients to interview and left her to get on with the job.

She interpreted my needs perfectly. I was impressed with her quick turnaround and sound communication skills. I was more than happy with the end result. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lois or use her services in the future.

Mark Spicer, Axis Investments, Partner

Click on each customer testimonial below to view the PDF brochure:

Success through determination
Quick turnaround, administrative ease
No is not an answer
Never give up
Income protection payout

I’d love to collate the same customer testimonials from your customers to help you give your brand some publicity!

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