General Writing Services

Outsource your general writing to a qualified journalist

General-WritingWith years of experience working in the newspaper, magazine and online industries, you can confidently rely on the skills I’ve acquired to handle all your general writing needs. I’d love to help with your proofreading and editing. I can also write your press releases, advertorials, newsletters, feature stories, humour, reviews and customer testimonials you may require.


Capture your audience!

To set your brochure apart, you need to capture your audience from the start. Therefore, for your brochure to have maximum impact, it’s vital for it to include an enticing headline and persuasive copy that grabs reader attention. Your written content should be time-saving, compelling in style and give your reader or prospective client an overview of the benefits your product or service has to offer.

If your brochure copy is not enticing, it will just be ignored and discarded. Give your reader enough to capture an interest and follow up with a phone call or email to find out more.

A brochure also gives your business credibility and helps get the word out there that you’re in the marketplace. The reader must have a reason to take action, therefore, articulate that reason. Remember, the success of your brochure depends on whether you have relayed why a reader should contact you and how they should do so.

Editing and Proofreading

Lost for words?

Perhaps you have a feature story, article or urgent email that needs editing before it’s sent to print, your staff/clients or for broadcast on the web. Not convinced of the correct wording? I can help.
Sometimes, you may struggle to put ideas down succinctly.

I can edit, rewrite or proofread your copy and transform it into readable, fresh content. Much of my work entails rewriting copy—I even help corporate communication departments with company emails needing correct wording for an important announcement.

Editing helps the text flow and eliminates the jargon and wordy sentences. In short, it helps get your message across clearly.


Editors love features

Do you have a novel idea you would like to weave into a feature story for a newspaper or magazine? Need a feature story about your business, you or a person making a difference in their community or industry? I’d love to write the story for you.

I have worked for a magazine group and several newspapers for over 20 years and have written freelance feature stories for a number of magazines including Australian Country Style, Good Medicine Magazine and Reader’s Digest.

Often, local newspapers and websites are the keys to getting you, or your business noticed and a well-written feature is bound to get the attention you seek. Even TV producers scan local papers and websites around the globe for new story ideas.


Lighten up!

You may be the editor of a national newspaper or magazine. Or perhaps you’ve just started your own on-line or in-house magazine, blog or website. Adding a humorous column can do wonders for increasing readership.

I wrote a weekly humorous newspaper column for years so know what it takes to come up with regular, witty, fresh content. I have written countless columns both online and in print and enjoy finding humour in everyday life. You can specify the area you want to cover, and I can come up with a column or article to match.

Perhaps you wish to weave a humorous story about the background of your business. Some time ago I wrote a fictional piece, for example, about the origins of a baked muesli biscuit. Often, companies include a spiel about their product to endear themselves to potential buyers. I can craft a humorous story to add that personal touch!


Interview skills are rare!

A person will only give of themselves if they feel comfortable with their interviewer. I love communicating and interviewing people is a skill I’ve honed over many years as a news reporter and magazine feature writer.

Need a business or leadership profile? As an experienced interviewer, I extract the information you require and write it up in a readable, conversational style. Perhaps you need to compile company profiles of new staff members or interview current staff about a new service or progress on an important project.


Newsletters should engage

How often have you cringed reading a newsletter that doesn’t grab your attention? A well-written newsletter is worth its weight in gold if it captures the attention of staff, clients and potential customers about what’s happening in your business.

To produce a regular monthly/quarterly in-house staff or client newsletter is a time-consuming exercise, especially when you may not have professional writers on staff who can produce the copy. I have written for a number of corporate in-house magazines—both print and online.

This style of writing requires concise copy with the right tone. Short, conversational text also ensures your content is readable. Time-poor staff, clients, and potential customers are more inclined to read it.

Press Releases

Tell the world!

Editors receive hundreds of press releases all vying for their attention. To be noticed, yours has to be unique. If it’s poorly written and does not get to the point right away, an editor will ignore it. Therefore, make sure the content is compelling.

A headline and introduction that hooks a reader’s attention is vital. You cannot afford to bury the essence of your press release halfway down the page. By then, your reader will be long gone. Remember, if you don’t convey your news angle in the first five seconds, it will not be read.

I wrote for newspapers and magazines for years, so understand how to write a newsworthy press release. If you require an idea or concept presented in a press release written in a readable, fluid form, I can help.


Get noticed with a review!

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest make it easy nowadays for large and small businesses to market themselves. However, a well-crafted review published on-line or in print will always go a long way to promote your product, service or event.

Over the years I’ve written numerous book, restaurant and event reviews to lift authors’ profiles, help business owners and artists get their name out in the market. No matter which medium you select to publish your product, service or event review, unless it’s well-written, it will not have the intended impact.

Some time ago I purchased a ‘Catbib‘ for my cat so he would stop killing our local birds. The bib seemed to curb my cat’s hunting prowess so I wrote about it – and captured the attention of the U.S. inventor who stumbled across my on-line review.


Testimonials add credibility

Nothing promotes your business more than satisfied customers. Their positive testimonials communicate to the market that your company is serving clients well. However, interviewing clients and recording their experiences is time-consuming.

Clients are often too busy or preoccupied to email a testimonial on request. So from experience, the best way to get their honest appraisal is through one-on-one interviews—either face to face or via telephone. Outsourcing the interview to a journalist also adds credibility to the customer’s feedback, in that the responses are captured directly by a ‘third party’.

I can talk with your clients over the phone, face-to-face or send them questions via email. I can then write up their responses to help you convey the message to the market that your business has satisfied customers ‘out there.’